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Customer Story

Leading Indian Bank Invests in Future with Complete IT Infrastructure Remodel

Bank updates existing software, creates cloud-native customer-360 platform and uses Scrum techniques to achieve greater functionality
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One of India’s largest banks, this company also holds honors for being one of the ‘Top and Fastest Growing Banks’ by many of India’s prestigious media firms. The bank has 1,150 branches with over 1,800 ATMs and a balance sheet of 250,000 crore. Its core functionalities include personal and business banking, with frictionless payments with clear and easy service at the heart of its customer-service strategy. The client is focused on bringing its business into the future with cutting-edge platforms and sustainable developments.

Update an old system with a custom-360 degree service platform
Create an end-to-end intuitive product with machine learning
Agile way of working using Scrum

Building Blocks for a Solid Foundation

The client needed a complete IT refresh. Competing platforms, outdated software, and non-intelligent interfaces created overly complicated retrieval of customer data points for each interaction. The client needed an infrastructure that was less cumbersome, with universal services and integrations that would scale for rapidly releasing products and features. Xebia was called in for its experience working with other banks. Xebia could offer the quick turnaround and knowledge set needed for this operation. It was vital to have something not too technical, and most importantly, the client wanted to build a new customer-360 cloud-native platform that would give it the cutting-edge customer segmentation needed to deliver stronger messaging and connections while maintaining security governance standards.

Development and Delivery

Overhauling the bank’s IT infrastructure while simultaneously learning technical skills and new working methods required a dedicated plan. Xebia was put in charge of building the product end-to-end ensuring that stakeholder demands were met and timelines were followed. The details of the platform were fleshed out with a careful analysis of what features and core functions were needed at what capacity. The system was planned around a projected five-year lifespan in terms of hardware capacity. Supporting the rollout of features and applications was accomplished using a Scrum framework. Focusing on development and delivery of backlogged products allowed teams to stay on schedule.

“As a client in the banking domain, we had many challenges related to security and compliance. We were also new to Agile product development so many challenges were on the adoption of Agile practices. Xebia knew exactly how to help us meet these challenges.”
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Bank Manager at client Bank

Starting Fresh with Agile

While the new platform was being built on the cloud with an array of new protocols and features, Xebia trained employees in Agile ways of working, Scrum, and DevOps best practices. Working agilely gave team members freedom of development and delivery throughout the workflow. Creating the platform itself required careful review of each release, identifying what features had priority, daily alignment calls with stakeholders, and setting up a separate team to monitor the process. Automation and machine learning were implemented where possible. A microservices architecture was created ensuring lightweight, independent deployment of features. This made scalability easier and tracking KPIs across multiple environments possible, providing a lift in metrics and more efficient ways of serving the customer.

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