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Laurens Elevates Age Care with Google Cloud and Xebia

With Xebia and Google Cloud, Laurens boosts efficiency by integrating data and elevating registration completion to 90%

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Laurens is the largest care organization in Rotterdam, with 30 locations and over 6,000 care professionals. It provides home care, rehabilitation, nursing home care, and palliative care for thousands of older people in the city.

Laurens had the need to optimize operations and decision-making in order to better tackle care challenges
Digitilization and becoming data-driven makes is possible to streamline processes and to enhance patient care
Guided by Xebia, Laurens modernizes the organization with Google Cloud, to get the job done with fewer staff

Navigating Tomorrow's Care Challenges

The aging population in the Netherlands poses a growing challenge for the care sector, with more people needing care and fewer resources available. To address this, Laurens, a care provider, focuses on digitalization to efficiently manage care with limited staffing and funding. The need for a clear view of the future drives the adoption of Google Cloud data solutions. In collaboration with Xebia, Laurens aims to enhance efficiencies and strategic decision-making.

"Staffing is a major challenge. We have more people in need of care, but fewer people to do the work, plus our funding is under pressure. So we are focusing on digitalization to get the job done with fewer staff."
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Liselotte Herfst-Visser Team Manager of BI and Functional Management, Laurens

Transforming with Google Cloud and Xebia

Facing the challenge of outdated on-premises data solutions causing silos, Laurens, in partnership with Xebia, undertakes the modernization of its data and business intelligence with Google Cloud. The choice of Looker and BigQuery, in collaboration with Xebia, offers a scalable and integrated solution. The implementation allows Laurens to migrate its data, gain real-time insights, and efficiently manage resources, from weekly budget reports to streamlined HR processes.

New data insights and better efficiency

"With quick and easy access to data with Google Cloud, we no longer have to look in our rear mirror to understand where we are. Instead, we can look at the road ahead and steer our business where we want it to go."
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Liselotte Herfst-Visser Team Manager of BI and Functional Management, Laurens

Data-Driven Care Excellence in Collaboration

With Google Cloud's tools and with the expertise of Xebia, Laurens achieves a unified view of data, improving administrative processes and refining care provision. The integrated data allows for efficient budgeting decisions, optimizing staffing, and improving patient care. Looker dashboards, developed in collaboration with Xebia, enable quick insights, from matching available beds to patients to automating alerts for incomplete registrations. Looker dashboards provide a user-friendly interface, allowing swift access to patient files for necessary adjustments and a remarkable increase in completed registrations to 90% versus the prior 40%. The development of a data culture, guided by Xebia, empowers departments across the organization to access and utilize data for informed decision-making, steering Laurens toward a future of improved care provision.

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