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Knowledge Is Power for Leading French AI-Centric Digitial Consultant Group

Atos meets market demand and delivers premium results with comprehensive knowledge-centered training

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Founded in 1997, French multinational Atos offers high-tech decarbonized digital solutions worldwide. Originally begun as a merger between two French companies, Atos joined the Dutch company Origin B.V. in 2000 and subsequently acquired multiple companies, including Siemens. Atos specializes in the development of scientific and technical knowledge, with the goal of transforming the digital information space securely and sustainably. Atos’s range of digital solutions includes big data, cybersecurity, digital consulting, and infrastructure services in the financial, health, telecommunications, public sector, manufacturing, and resources industries. The company employs 105,000 with offices in 71 countries and is headquartered in Benzon, France.

Keep up with the information space.
Reinforce in-house technical knowledge
Training program for Dutch and Belgian employees

Education Equals Equity

Atos operates as a technical consultant providing knowledge and skills to help companies streamline and consolidate for better performance and faster deliverables. Atos itself, however, wanted to amplify its reach by providing its employees with more in-depth in-house education, particularly in the big data and analytics space. Xebia was a natural choice because much of its work was already aligned with Atos’ main functions.

Building A Stronger Foundation

With the help of Xebia’s training courses and modules, Atos’ employees became more AI-literate and could better meet customer demands and the ever-changing dynamics of the information technology field. Working with Xebia enabled Atos to reach new heights in productivity and unlock value in data. Moreover, it fostered immense employee growth and long-term knowledge across all teams and fields. "Flexibility, agility, and the ability to tailor programs to the maturity of the group are key for Atos, and so again, another reason why we found a great fit with Xebia," explained Atos senior consultant Paul Rakké.

“The Xebia trainers are also consultants who work directly on projects with their clients. Since we believe in combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we see a great fit with Xebia.”
Paul Rakké Senior Consultant

A Continuous Learning Space

Knowledge is critical to Atos’ business. Meeting market demands requires its employees to be in the know with the latest technological developments. Working together with Xebia, the two companies developed 60 modules as part of a comprehensive training program for Atos’ Dutch and Belgian counterparts. The subjects included Hadoop, Machine Learning, Python, R, Text Analytics & Search, and Spark. Xebia also created exams that would challenge employees to push the limits of their knowledge, creating more value and building a better foundation for work. Importantly for Atos, the exam was more significant than a certificate of completion or attendance. The overarching effects of Xebia’s training fostered team spirit and promoted personal growth, strengthening Atos’ position as a market leader.

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