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iBOOD Chooses Cloud to Accelerate Change

Europe's largest online deals website move gains flexibility with move to Google Cloud Platform

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Europe's largest deal community platform, iBOOD, is an acronym for "internet's Best Online Offer Daily.” Operating across the continent, each day it offers the best brands at competitive prices. iBOOD has won the Website of the Year award eleven years running in the E-commerce category and has been finding the best online deals since 2005. The company finds offers for consumer goods, health and beauty products, travel and more, and from 2015 has been part of the international conglomerate Media Markt.
Outdated managed data center limited scalability and fluctuating traffic often crashed systems
Needed expertise and support moving IT infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform
Lift and shift infrastructure to cloud, evolve code to be cloud-native and ensure smooth implementation and knowledge transfer

Fluctuating Traffic Needed Upgraded Hosting

iBOOD’s entire infrastructure ran in a managed data center, making scalability a challenge. iBOOD had highly fluctuating traffic, including a quarterly special event that led to traffic increasing ten or twentyfold, causing servers to crash and a subsequent loss of income.

The company knew a move to Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) would provide flexibility and scalability it needed, but it would mean they only had a few months to migrate the entire infrastructure — with comprehensive testing required at every stage. At the same time the team needed to develop the expertise to support this change, and to adapt its way of working to the new approach.

“iBOOD loves to take the plunge and it is great to do that with Xebia as the authority on cloud technology. Their team is an extension of our organization, sharing knowledge and supporting us directly during our busiest times."
Rogier van Egmond Chief operating officer, iBOOD

Supported Transition Looking to the Future

Once iBOOD had chosen GCP, Xebia was the natural fit to help with the transition. Together they designed a two-stage plan: first, the infrastructure was re-implemented on Google Cloud with the same components, using a “lift and shift” methodology. Then, the infrastructure itself was redesigned to make it more cloud-native, taking advantage of the new tools at hand.

To ensure the infrastructure was supported and managed efficiently, iBOOD also purchased the Cloud Customer Care™ package from Xebia, meaning iBOOD could focus on designing the infrastructure itself to ensure it maximized scalability and was ready for future challenges.

Flexibility and Control Allows Instant Response

With “better knobs to turn,” iBOOD now has greater control over all aspects of IT and the scalability and flexibility needed to handle peaks and increased turnover. Instead of planning events months ahead they can happen at short notice thanks to GCP.

All the team including all new additions are helped by Xebia’s experts to quickly master the new infrastructure, ensuring continuity and momentum are maintained. A Customer Success Manager from Xebia is a “pivot” for every aspect of the partnership, understanding what is important to iBOOD and coordinating teams from both companies. With microservice transition the next step, iBOOD’s potential keeps growing.

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