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Home Health and Medical Company Saves Patients Time and Money Through AI-powered e-Commerce Platform

Duxxie uses start-up methods to reach and improve home health care market; creates entirely new e-commerce platform in 115 days

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A relatively new player in the home care products field, Duxxie offers high-quality medical, health, and wellness supplies via its e-commerce platform. The Dutch startup was developed in 2016 by its parent company Medux, a leading supplier of health care products and services. The medical aid market for people who needed longer health care was one largely untouched. Duxxie fills this need and offers straightforward access to, among other things, maternity and mobility—with products ranging from Japanese toilets to wheelchairs, and bed boosters. The company has over 50 suppliers with more than 2,500 products.

Meet home health care needs through an e-commerce platform
Seamlessly and efficiently connect customers with health care products
Integrate Agile methods to accelerate development

A Different Side of e-Health

Home health care products are an oft-overlooked part of the healthcare market. As digital director of Duxxie, Paskal van Lomm said: “Improving home care is not a hot item. Which is a shame. If processes are executed in a smarter way, it saves a lot of time and costs.” Home care employees and nurses are often faced with buying healthcare products for their clients. This process previously meant checking for health insurance coverage, then checking for contractors, suppliers, and availability. Duxxie wanted to change this by making it easier to buy products faster with less red tape. To do so, they needed an intelligent learning platform to meet business objectives. Xebia was brought in to consult.

Seamless User Experience

Providing high-quality medical products quickly and efficiently was Duxxie’s primary goal. In building its e-commerce platform, the company chose Google’s cloud environment to reach the end-user faster. The company would bring freedom and quality of life to its customers by using Google’s machine learning capabilities to learn from customers’ previous shopping experiences. This continuous learning integrated online and offline worlds, allowing Duxxie to scale and seamlessly deliver products. It was important to implement a create-or-buy factor where decisions were made based on necessity and contribution to the company overall. By constantly tracking issues and growth Duxxie could focus on customer care and growth, refining its products and platform along the way.

“Xebia experts are very driven and highly skilled in their field. They determined the user experience and look and feel and delivered awhole new platform in just months.!”
Medux logo
Paskal van Lomm Digital Director of Medux

Growth Mindset, Startup Culture

Duxxie works with startup culture in mind — leaner, fewer barriers, and hybrid approaches combining Agile work methods and marketing savvy with effective strategies. They wanted to redefine a market that needed innovation. Offering home care products and services on a digital platform came with some challenges. Duxxieneeded to focus on user experience and making that experience mobile-first. It needed to work seamlessly so the end-user would benefit immediately. Xebia’s experts were brought in to help Duxxie achieve these goals and accelerate. By working autonomously and in an Agile way, teams were more nimble and could make changes quicker, allowing for more innovation.

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