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Handicart Enables Disabled to Play Golf with Salesforce

Non-profit Handicart has streamlined its process and automated many things, like the way carts billed and how donations are tracked
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Handicart is a non-profit organization that enables golfers with a temporary or permanent disability to continue playing golf. They do this by lending out golf carts (handicarts) at a very competitive rate to over 170 golf courses in the Netherlands. The foundation owns 700 Handicarts and has over 21,000 cardholders.

In addition, there are more than 50 courses where the operator makes the carts available to the pass holders at a low rate. Three employees work at the office in Maarn. In addition, the Foundation works with 170 volunteer Consuls. The Foundation can only facilitate the disabled golfers if the number of donors continues to grow faster than the number of users.

To enable more disabled to play golf despite their disability
By automating billing and donations and better data & reporting
By partnering with Xebia for a thorough Salesforce implementation 

Automating Complex Processes

The Handicart Foundation has a considerable number of complex processes. Besides the registration of all members and sponsors it was therefore necessary to automate some specific processes. For example, they were looking for a link with the website for pass holders to sign up, for raising and registering funds and tournament results and for booking a Handicart. A link with all individual Handicarts to register and bill its use and a link with an external solution to produce members passes were also high on the wish list of the foundation.

“Together with Xebia we are on the right track to build a system that we will enjoy for years.”
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Dave Stenfert Kroese Director at Handicart Foundation

How Salesforce Automated Handicart's Processes

The choice for Salesforce was made rather quickly by Handicart since Salesforce is fully cloud-based and its flexibility when it come to interfaces is enormous. Initially, the registration of the members and donors was transferred from the old system to Salesforce. Numerous processes that had to be performed manually in the past are now fully automated.

A link is made with the Handicart website enabling members to manage their own data and new members to sign up online. The production of membership cards, including photo, is now also largely automated. In addition, all Handicarts are equipped with GPS and are linked to Salesforce so that their use is registered. Members can now reserve a Handicart and then activate it on the course at a 'console'. Afterwards, the round is recorded in Salesforce, after which the costs can be collected from the relevant member.

Automated Processes, Data at Hand

Many processes that were previously performed manually are now fully automated. This saves a lot of time! As the use of the Handicarts is now also registered in detail, the foundation has more control over its maintenance. By means of good reporting functionalities they always have information at hand that is also up to date.

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