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Customer Story

Global Tech Giant Pioneers End-to-End Digital Transformation

To improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030, Philips embarks on progressive digital transformation with Xebia to become fully future-proof

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Founded in 1891, Royal Dutch Philips employs 80,000+ and generates nearly 20 billion in sales and services in more than 100 countries. Its purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation.

Gain a higher market share online and become digital-proof for the future.
Orchestrate a digital transformation that drives performance.
Set up Agile teams with end-to-end ownership, bring agency work on-site and develop an innovative in-house marketing solution.

Future Proofing Philips Personal Care Business by Moving Online

“The decision to embrace digital transformation came when I saw that Philips competitors had lower market share in brick-and-mortar stores but a much higher market share in online channels,” explained Marco Roncaglio, global head of brand activation and digital marketing for Personal Care in Philips. The organization needed to show results in digital and e-commerce, as well as to make a profound strategic impact and drive turnover and profit.

A Brave Digital Transformation

The digital orchestration at the local and global levels required creating effective interfaces with the important functions in the organization. Roncaglio explained, “Xebia helped us set up an Agile team that could work fast, show quick results and propels the digital transformation from inside out. It meant going from the most simple consideration to the most innovative, and making brave moves.” Other changes included bringing agency work in media and content in-house and developing an in-house marketing solution.

Xebia’s in-house marketing solution, called Real-Time Marketing Centre (RTMC), was recognized by the European Effie organization with an award in October 2019.

“It’s our goal to be highly impactful for the business. That is why sharing and measuring common targets with IT is essential to drive performance. Digital channels are much more focused on audiences, so they drive self-steering for self-improvement and deliver better business results. This makes a digital-IT relationship a symbiotic one.”

Marco Roncaglio Global Head of Brand Activation and Digital Marketing for Personal Care, Philips

End-to-End Integration of Digital and Business

Turning a global tech giant into a digital-driven business requires persistence, patience and bold decision-making. Xebia did not waste time engaging in long feasibility studies and evangelizing the stakeholders. Instead, they started relatively small to show tangible results where it mattered, and then improved and scaled. “Xebia identified crucial business objectives that could be achieved—or overachieved—and did whatever it took to show the business impacts,” explained Roncaglio, “To make a real impact, you have to move to pilots. And a pilot gives you the right to fail, to put skin in the game.”

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