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Global Online Travel Platform Gets Schooled on Google Cloud

Travix earns its GCP “wings” to maximize the potential of the scalable interface

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Travix is an online travel company operating in thirty-nine countries, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore, and the USA. With five brands and an extensive portfolio of forty-three websites, Travix is the market leader in several countries and is growing rapidly on all continents. Travix focuses on flight search, guiding and inspiring its customers through their travel booking journey. Its main brands are CheapTickets, BudgetAir, Vayama, Vliegwinkel, and Flugladen, who between them employ over four hundred staff members worldwide and help thousands of passengers to find their perfect flight.

IT infrastructure required specialist knowledge
Training focussed on business and IT challenges
GCP at the heart of Travix team learning

In-Depth Training Maximizes Growth

Since embracing Google Workspace in 2015, Travix has been moving towards a full-scale adoption of Google Cloud. The many innovative capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have been increasingly leveraged over that time to enhance Travix’s infrastructure, data, and applications. This led to its decision-making and customer service becoming increasingly data-driven.

The company now needed to scale its GCP infrastructure to enable company growth, including gaining the ability to flexibly set up new software stacks for each new customer. To maximize the potential of its scalable interface, Travix’s team required in-depth GCP training.

Preparation for New Technologies

Travix’s training challenges were closely supported by Xebia in two key areas: From a business perspective, the training had to be seamlessly and efficiently rolled out to a rapidly-evolving worldwide team. On the IT side, the team wanted to become better prepared to quickly embrace new technologies and so strengthen Travix’s competitive advantage.

Xebia utilized its specialist knowledge to organize training for Travix’s team, with courses including “BigQuery, from Data to Insights” and “Data Engineering.” The engineering team was also assisted in gaining relevant qualifications that recognized and valued its technical expertise.

“Xebia’s classroom training, combined with the engaging, in-depth Qwiklabs exercises they provided, proved incredibly efficient at training our teams within GCP. We were immediately able to use that scalability and get growing.”
Joost Houben Marketing Director Refreshment Benelux

Customized Learning Opportunities

The training provided was tailored to Travix’s business needs. For example, the site reliability engineers learned about core infrastructure alongside insight into design and process, while the entire development team was trained in developing applications using GCP. The training also prepared Travix and its team to be certified in line with site and industry requirements.

“Thanks to the blended learning and customized training from Xebia, we now have a team of technical specialists who enjoy using their skills to optimize our infrastructure and applications while increasingly also contributing to further innovations,” added Kannelopoullos.

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