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Rail Ticket Agent Gets A Pass with Cutting-Edge Upgrade to Its App

Eurail increases delivery times with upgraded services and app built on AWS cloud architecture

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Utrecht-based Eurail Group sells passes for rail travel in 33 European countries, acting as an agent for over 35 railway and shipping companies that make up its joint owners. It introduced the Eurail Pass in 1959 when it was open to just 13 countries. The pass is available to all non-European residents. Conversely, the Interrail Pass introduced in 1972 is for all European residents. Every year, over 250,000 travelers use the Eurorail Pass for travel across more than 250,000 interconnected railways. In 2020, Eurail launched a mobile app offering users a digital pass for the first time.

Keep pace with increasing demand and make it easier for customers to use services
Upgrade services enabling more features for customers
Build a new planning app with AWS infrastructure

Building on Core Strengths

Customers traveling on any one of Europe’s railways need to be able to find the information necessary to book a ticket, make a connection, or change plans at a moment’s notice. Eurail aimed to accomplish this by expanding its capacity and integrating it with a customer-first approach thereby satisfying its growing client base. To do so, it first needed to build and design the right automated, cloud-based architecture able to handle thousands of users’ data in real-time. An AWS framework was just the architecture needed to manage Eurail’s clients and build a better overall user experience. With a proven track record in cloud migration, Eurail approached Xebia for help to get started.

Delivering Personal Service

Revamping and designing Eurail’s own Rail Planner app came with its own unique set of challenges. For one, the app needed a more professional approach – one that Xebia excelled at. Secondly, customizing the app to meet customer demands would require better design details with a large emphasis on security features. Finally, the company needed to make the most of its AWS accounts, building a better basis for customers to use the app and facilitating seamless interactions. This would require a multi-account AWS structure with full end-to-end functionality. The realization of a secure AWS environment would also cut costs and allow for more innovation, more features, and capacity.

“The new application was to handle thousands of users and their data in real-time, and, for Eurail difficulties to secure and maintain the app needed to be addressed. We really needed a more professional approach to our AWS accounts.”
Daniel Vijge Solution Architect

Driving Engagement

Delivering ease of use, better services, and rapidly rolling out features to match the needs of its customers was paramount for furthering business objectives. It was vital to achieving a market fit, addressing customer pain points, and resolving those in the Rail Planner mobile app. Utilizing AWS’ most innovative services along with a landing zone designed expressly with Eurail’s needs in mind allowed Eurail to automate much of its tasks through infrastructure as code. This mitigated the risk of human error and tamped down on administrative work. Furthermore, access to the data and infrastructure is now highly controlled through a fine-grained access control system located in Frankfurt. All this works together in providing new innovative services for railway passengers.

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