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Deliver Flower Power together

“Being digital means enabling information to move at lightspeed. But it is about people—and that takes time.”
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Royal Flora Holland (RFH) is a cooperative company  and the worldwide market leader in the floriculture industry. It helps manage trade between buyers, sellers, and other companies for efficient business.

RFH aims to connect growers with customers and service providers. Connect while bringing supply and demand together.

Together with Qxperts, Royal Flora Holland created Floriday, a digital B2B platform. A digital marketplace that enables growers, customers, and service providers to conduct services:

  1. online trade
  2. offers payment
  3. delivery services
Level up the Royal Flora Holland digitalization
Building a platform that makes doing business attractive and accessible for all its users
Facilitating online trade-offers,  payment and delivery services

The Challenge

Although known for being an efficient marketplace, Royal Flora Holland, too, needed to level up its digitalization. And it faced an immense digitalization task to stay relevant in an ever-changing international market. To remain the no.1 marketplace, it needed a platform that makes doing business attractive and accessible for all its users. The company sought to create a B2B platform enabling online trading and serving as an infrastructure. A digital marketplace where information moves at lightspeed among all stakeholders.

The Solution

Royal Flora Holland met with Qxperts about their new platform. They figured that to be successful, many factors need to be considered. Factors such as:

  • technology
  • organization
  • people
  • data encoding standards
  • and more

This led to the identification of the multidimensional nature of the digital platform. So they assembled a multi-dimensional team to build and place this new platform.

Together, they started creating Floriday. A B2B platform that can cater to:

  • many ways of selling
  • a wide range of products
  • international stakeholders
  • sustainable development

But digitalization is – like any change – all about people.

With change comes impact, which often surprises people. While adopting the changes, they soon realized that the impact they were making was also multidimensional. The changes involve not only RFH itself, but also all its users.

And all users adapt in different ways and at different paces. Thus it required a multidimensional and multispeed mindset by all parties involved.

The Results

Like any company, Royal Flora Holland overcame hurdles in implementing its digital strategy. From pushback that they were moving too fast to security and integrity challenges.

Yet, partly thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Qxperts, it made strides and then created a platform that offers to buyers and sellers worldwide

  • state-of-the-art digital trading
  • ordering
  • payment and delivery services

With Floriday, a shift is made to new technological possibilities based on a digital ecosystem. Royal Flora Holland continues to connect growers and service providers.

And by doing so, the company remains the global leader in the field of floriculture.

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