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Risk-Averse Insurance Behemoth  Transforms into a Responsive, Nimble, and Innovative Organization

CZ, one of the Netherlands’  largest non-profit health insurers, optimizes costs and improves customer service by migrating to Azure Cloud
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CZ is one of the largest non-profit health insurers in the Netherlands. The company boasts a strong track record of providing high-quality services focused on convenience and customer care. Founded in Tilburg in 1930 with about 7,500 members, the insurer now represents more than 3.8 million policyholders. The company’s aim is to ensure affordable, high-quality healthcare in the Netherlands that is accessible to everyone.

Reduce time-to-market while improving agility and innovation
Azure Cloud migration involving assessment, design, implementation, training, and DevOps
An integrated transition process involving technology, process, and people

Resilience and Innovation = Relevance

CZ needed to optimize customization and provide customers with business information quickly. The company also wanted to be able to reduce the time-to-market for its services through faster software development cycles, while becoming more Agile and innovative. The transition also needed to be accompanied by a cultural change. Aren de Hooge, manager of information and project management at CZ explained, “The culture of a cloud-first Agile approach in DevOps teams is diametrically opposed to the culture of risk minimization.”

Migrating to the Cloud and the DevOps Way of Working

After a technology audit of available solutions, CZ turned to Xebia for help with migrating its first CRM environment to the cloud. Working closely together, Xebia developed a cloud migration strategy and familiarized CZ’s teams with this roadmap. The transition to Azure led to a more innovative and nimble organization with a shorter time-to-market thanks to shorter development cycles and cost optimization. Teams can now maintain their products themselves and service quality has improved.

“Xebia’s dedicated know-how and experience in creating a path to the cloud was invaluable.”
Aren Hooge Manager of Information and Project Management

Translating Digital Strategies: Technology is the easy part

Moving CZ to the cloud involved identifying application workloads that needed to be moved to the cloud, a transition from TFS to VSTS, and DevOps implementation to ensure a solid cloud-first foundation. Compared to the cultural change, technology was the easy part. Xebia consultants worked shoulder-to-shoulder with CZ employees, translating digital strategies and encouraging team members until they could do the actual work themselves. Xebia also presented the benefits of various platforms from a business perspective to CZ’s various stakeholders.

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