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Trendy Shoeby Goes Fully Digital With Step-by-Step Transformation

Retailer at Risk of Disintermediation Now Traces 90% of Revenue to Customer Loyalty Program and CRM

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Dutch family-owned Shoeby opened its first retail store in Den Bosch in 1981. The company offers unique, trendy collections of clothing, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics for men, women, and children under its own label at affordable prices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Finland. At the heart of everything Shoeby does is one simple value – making the client the center focus with personal attention and service. In 40 years, Shoeby has grown to more than 220 brick-and-mortar stores, a shopping website, and a mobile application.

To compete and stay relevant to existing, loyal customers
Manage customers, collect data and provide products and services based on their needs
An organic, stepwise digital transformation to support a client-centric strategy.

“Stayin’ Alive” and Relevant

Even with customer-centricity at the core of its business, like all brick-and-mortar businesses, Shoeby was running the risk of being disintermediated by online retailers (e-tailers). “We needed to devise a responsive strategy to stay alive,” explained Mitch Van Deursen, Shoeby’s CEO. With the customer at heart and external context in mind, Shoeby quickly but pragmatically embarked on a digitization journey with Xebia. “We needed a trusted partner and could not have found a better one for our digital transformation than Xebia,” said Van Deursen.

One Channel Does Not Fit All

To manage customers, collect data and provide products and services based on their needs, Shoeby developed a digital transformation plan with Xebia’s help. “Our customer promise is at the heart of everything we do, regardless of the channel,” explained CEO Van Deursen. “With Xebia’s help, we built our (Omni)channel strategy around our customer’s needs. For our boutiques, this means we are always close and available to allow people to see and experience our collections. We use our online channel to communicate and interact with a specific customer segment in a specific way and to understand what drives their needs. Today, 90% of our revenue is traceable to the end client via our loyalty program and CRM.”

“In our organization, only two things count – revenues and investments. Everything that we do in our digital teams is measurable now. We have dashboards for every project, and I can truly say that we are a data-driven organization thanks to Xebia. Today we have eight digital teams with clear digital goals that are directly linked to our business goals.”  

Mitch Van Deursen CEO, Shoeby

Step-by-Step Transformation Supports Client-Centric Strategy 

“We wanted to be competitive and stay relevant to our existing customers, explained Van Deursen, Shoeby’s CEO. “So Xebia helped us set up our e-com Channel in 2010. Then we set up the CRM system to manage our customers and collect data with our loyalty program. The next logical step was to focus on giving our customers the right product and service, so we moved on to developing a dedicated innovation capability. After that, we focused on digitizing client processes and optimizing customer journeys. It has been a very organic, stepwise transformation to support our client-centric strategy.”

Retailer at Risk of Disintermediation Now Traces 90% of Revenue to Customer Loyalty Program and CRM

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