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Customer Story

Bruynzeel Stores Go Digital With Chromeboxes

Kitchen design house revamps stores to focus on customer experience and increases sales

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Bruynzeel Keukens ("Bruynzeel Kitchens") has, since 1937, transformed the Dutch kitchen industry with its affordable and practical designs.
Bruynzeel now produces two hundred and fifty kitchens every day from its kitchen factory in Bergen op Zoom. With over a thousand employees and twenty-seven stores nationwide, the company focuses on making life in and around the kitchen easier for as many people as possible. By focusing on optimizing space and functionality in the kitchen, Bruynzeel Keukens prides itself on producing beautiful yet useful kitchen designs.

Provide a more positive customer experience in brick-and-mortar kitchen stores
Digitally enhance the sales process with narrowcasting, digital price tags and touch tables
Upgrade IT capabilities to handle enhancements with Acer Chromebox CXi4

Pricing and Process Needed Upgrade

Some customers find buying a kitchen a lot of fun, but Bruynzeel Keukens realized that for many it can be stressful thanks to the endless number of choices involved along with inevitable concerns about negotiating a good price with the store.

At the same time, a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the company revealed a need for more transparent products, pricing, and features. With emotion dominating the buying decision-making process for many customers, Bruynzeel realized it was crucial to provide a more positive customer experience through modernizing and optimizing its kitchen stores.

“To do 1% better, you must put in 50% of your energy and Xebia helped us direct that energy in the right direction – Chromeboxes are a perfect fit both for our IT strategy and our in-store goals.”
Martijn Leenknegt Manager ICT Bruynzeel Keukens

Customer Experience Transformed

Bruynzeel installed the Chromeboxes to handle the digital enhancements, making its stores more customer-friendly. Narrowcasting a mixture of messages has enabled specific target marketing, while the digital price tags have improved transparency by breaking down the costs of individual kitchen items. New touch screens allow customers to start designing their kitchens in a fun and interactive way without needing an advisor.

As a result, the kitchen retailer has removed a lot of the stress from the buying process, leading to more satisfied customers, increased sales, and a higher average purchase price. Price negotiations are also a thing of the past – all pricing is now transparent and easy to understand.

The upgrades have also allowed all store operations to be optimized, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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