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Amstelring Uses BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform for Better Data

Generating extensive reports was very cumbersome and time-consuming for Amstelring, until they started using Google's data tools Data Studio and BigQuery

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Amstelring provides home care, residential care, and daycare services to elderly and people with a disability in Amsterdam Area. To handle these challenges successfully, Amstelring has over 3,000 employees, 1,400 flex workers and another 1,300 registered volunteers, which makes it one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.

To optimize relationships with suppliers and analyze information on care quality
By making data available in short time periods
By utilising Google's Data Tool BigQuery

Generating Reports at Speed

Amstelring has started to use BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform to optimize relationships with suppliers and analyze information on care quality, and the company’s information analysts and SQL experts are already using Data Studio and Datalab to generate reports at speed, as Yoanette explains:

“Perfect data is now available in a matter of days, instead of months.”
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Yoanette den Boer Information & Automation Manager at Amstelring

Autonomous Management

Many BI tools and data warehouses require a lot of time spent working and support by consultants, but we can use Data Studio and BigQuery ourselves. “With Data Studio, we can have perfect data in a few days. A year ago it took us three months to produce a quality report. This year we did it in a week.”

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