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Customer Story

Online Bank Makes Money Moves with Adoption of Continuous Delivery

Knab keeps colleagues connected, ensuring successful continuous delivery and feature-rich, cutting-edge products
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Knab is one of the largest Dutch online-only banks. With headquarters in Amsterdam, Knab was founded in 2012 as a smart, technology-driven bank and is a subsidiary of the multinational insurance and asset management company Aegon N.V. The company invests in innovative web-based financial products and services. These include personal banking and savings, insurance, mortgages, and crowdfunding aimed at retail and self-employed customers. Knab is quickly expanding with currently over 500 employees and 200,000 clients in the Netherlands. True to the Dutch spirit, Knab supports innovation and entrepreneurship while operating in a flat, open structure that translates to high customer satisfaction.

Keep pace with fintech services and products
Keep pace with fintech services and products
Fostering a new mindset in tandem with Scrum and Agile methods

Banking on Being First

The online banking industry is nothing short of competitive—cutting edge and customer savvy lead the way to winning in the fintech field. Feature-rich, innovative products keep customers happy. Despite its technical know-how and solid performance, Knab needed a more effective way to keep pace and boost product deployment. It needed to stand out from the competition and have faster, optimized development cycles and consistent delivery. With this in mind, Knab sought Xebia’s guidance as an expert not only in banking IT and infrastructure but also in Scrum and Agile ways of working.

Kickstarting Continuity and Cooperation

Continuous delivery demands close cooperation among development teams, business, and external partners while testing and feedback provide room for innovation. Much of this is done through Knablab, where customers give real-time feedback on beta versions. Product deliveries occur daily, even several times an hour. Knab’s commitment to continue meeting product deliveries and consumer demands led the company to search for strategies to form an even stronger cooperation and company culture. As manager Wanda Streefkerk observed: "Change was needed, urgently. Traditional development methods were hampered by long intervals between product deliveries. And when products were delivered, they often contained bugs and didn't match customers’ requirements. This approach wasn’t working.”

“Even though Xebia’s knowledge and experience were of key importance, their attitude determined our choice. They invested in our project by spending time with us before even submitting a proposal.”
Wanda Streefkerk Chain and Release Manager

Overcoming Distance

The right coaching by Xebia’s experts brought about changes not only in how Knab operated with its internal teams but also in bridging the gap between its out-of-country counterparts. Seamless cooperation between team members ensured successful continuous delivery. Xebia’s guidance provided Knab with the mindset and resources for long-term productivity supporting a strong company culture that drives business forward. On the technical side, using tools like Octopus to manage and automate deployments alongside Agile and Scrum-based practices reduced downtime and added flexibility and mobility. Xebia’s expertise helped bring to life core company values and culture.

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