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Customer Story

1-Click Configuration and Cloud Infrastructure Setup Time Reduced by 83%

Leading US fintech firm implements cloud infrastructure and automation for better operations
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About the Client

The client is a leading fintech organization headquartered in the US. They drive fintech innovation and work with 95% of the world’s leading banks.

Understanding the Challenge

The client’s DevOps and cloud engineering team was spending a lot of time setting up multi-stack infrastructure while migrating from on-premise to AWS cloud. Their new projects were getting piled up because the team was unable to work on them, resulting in missed deadlines.

With a multi-stack and three-tier environment, the client was struggling with implementing cloud and automation and extracting the full business benefits.
We had to simplify and optimize the migration from on premise to AWS cloud; and also help build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads.
Optimize the automation of application, data, and network infrastructure to enable a faster delivery in a three-tier environment.

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

Xebia implemented infrastructure-as-code for better automation, testability, quality control, and more predictability during deployments. We deployed a rich tech stack that included AWS (EC2, ELB, S3, Route 53, IAM, KMS, VPC), K8s, Cassandra, Kafka, CloudBees Jenkins, Maven, Github, Git, CheckMarx, Blackduck, ELK, Instana, Prometheus Grafana, XLD, and XLR. The combination of Terraform and Ansible in Jenkins pipeline made the orchestration and configuration management much smoother and ensured data integrity.


Our approach was designed to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and dependency on specialized skills needed for quick and successful provisioning and scaling of the client’s infrastructure. Xebia delivered hard core benefits including:

  • Reduction in the k8s cluster setup and end-to-end configuration time from eight hours to 15 minutes
  • Elimination of the need for internal teams to worry about code. The client could now just input the required parameters at the Jenkins level
  • Reduction in overall infrastructure setup and configuration timelines for all environments from two months to 10 days

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